On the 6th of November, we held an Executive(VIP) masterclass in BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY for High Networth Individuals and Chief Executives in Public offices and the Private Sector.

The Session was targeted at providing foundation learning in the following modules:

Introduction to BlockChain

Blockchain Technology Applications and use cases
Applications and use cases on other Software Dev frameworks
Angel Investing/seed-funding of Startups in the Tech Eco-system.

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The Executive Masterclass was well attended with HNIs like Prof Uche Ugwuanyi, Brother to the Executive Governor of Enugu State, Mr. Chukwuemerie Agu, GM Enugu State Housing Development Corporation, and Mr. Chibuzo Okafor, GM Enugu State Investment House, and a host of others were in attendance for the 3- hour session.

The masterclass was also graced with the presence of over 5 Startups who presented some of the modules and pitched some of the MVPs to the Executive invitees!

Enugu Tech Hub
Enugu Tech Hub

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It was a narrative-altering event, watching the invitees upscale their learning and understanding of the untapped potentials in block Chain, and how it can be used to solve problems in Health, supply Chain, Agric, and education.
One particular pitch caught their attention, which was a solution that was built on the augmented reality backdrop, that could provide seamless education and real estate plugins.

All the invitees promised to escalate this learning to the government, and to bring investors from far and wide to come and invest in these startups from the Enugu State Tech Hub!

We are breaking new grounds! We are changing the narrative for tech in Enugu State, and indeed the Southeast!


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